Profession and Passion

I love building quality tools for the web, and automating processes.

Able Health

In recent months I joined Able Health. I'm just beginning to help withe the development of a product that will simplify the calculations that many provider associations need to enroll in pay-for-performance programs. I constantly feel honored to be with such a dedicated and talented group of people.

It's a bit early to say what all of my job here will entail, but I'm excited to see where it goes.

summer of 2016

Able Health

Rails Terraform AWS


I had a great experience with CloudPassage working on the core product. Eventually a lot of my job solidified around an internal tool I built to collect and version vulnerability content.

I proposed and built a project that resulted in one of our first in-house microservices. The benefits included centralization, and reduced redundancy in tons of data processing.

summer of 2015


Rails Sinatra CVE

Solicitor Mail Templates

This was a tool that I decided I needed. I looked around at various applications that were intended for the purpose but was generally dissatisfied at the primitive templating.

As a programmer, when you do something more than once, you begin to think of ways to automate it. This project began as that, but now I'm beginning to wonder if I'll be able to turn it into a sellable product.

The initial goal was to create a super slick interface that revolves around real time updating of data by using Angularjs resources, as well as a live templating preview that includes all the functionality of Handlebars. The flexibility within templates gives you conditionals and loops for writing templates that are robust, and completely reusable.

Spring of 2015


Sails.js Angularjs Node Grunt SASS Handlebars

Flirtmoji Web App

This was a unique challenge, and a really fun project. I'm actually a partner with this company, and we've been having a blast making cool emoji for people to text with.

This project involved some original thinking because we needed to find a way to distribute our emoji without there being a store that already existed to sell them. So, we had to create our own custom workflow to both sell, and use the product.

I did everything from the coding for the rails app, to all of the infrastructure management, and server scaling.

Fall of 2014


Ruby on Rails ActiveAdmin Stripe Mobile Safari HAProxy Ansible

Collar Friend Tracking App

This was a small project that I put together over a weekend. I had met a lot of people, and become friends with them on facebook. This app helps to locate where they are from.

Spring of 2014


jQuery Facebook API Grunt.js

Marketing Website

This project was a much needed update to their website. They needed a new design, and a better way of getting what they do across.

Fall of 2013

MacCentric Solutions

Sammy.js Assemble HTML JavaScript SASS

Coding Website with CMS Integration

This great design was done by MM Design, but then the project was passed off to me for coding, and CMS integration. I chose LocomotiveCMS, and have been very happy with it.

Summer of 2013

X Winery

jQuery LocomotiveCMS

Samples Database

This project started with an aging filemaker database. The goal of the project initially, was just to make the old database work. But then we took a good look at what the organization really wanted, and it was more than FileMaker would reasonably offer.

It wasn't long before we were working on a project that would allow the organization to collaborate on this piece of their business, as never before. They no longer needed a person to type and retyple the same thing over and over again. We used nested models to elinate loads of redundant work.

Fall of 2009

Terris Barnes and Walters

jQuery Ruby Rails Heroku

DPT Watch

Around the time of this project, I recieved a parking ticket at a paid meter. Instead of wasting the day trying to fight the ticket, I decided to create a system where the public could post complaints about parking tickets, along with officer badge numbers. I'm pleased to say, people are still using it and referencing it regularly.

Spring of 2009


Ruby on Rails Heroku