About My Life

There's more to life than computers and tech. Here are some of the things I like to spend my time doing.

Photo of cory climbing the grack.

Hi, I'm Cory, pleased to meet you. Got something fun to do? Maybe you should bring me along!

My History

I'm originally from Brunswick, Maine, and if you've never been there, yes, it's a beautiful place. And if you've never even heard of it, no it's not in Canada (I get that a lot). I spent a lot of time outside with my father as a kid. I didn't always appreciate it, but I'd say I do now, and will gladly torture my own children when the time comes.

Somehow landed in California when my mom met a man in a beer garden in Germany. I attended high school there, and made some life long friends, and then headed north for San Francisco around 2005. The rest is history.


  • Rock Climbing: Like a lot of things, I got started climbing because it was on my life to-do list. It wasn't long before I was accumulating a trad rack, and traveling just to climb. Whoops.
  • Surfing: Love it. My first surfboard, and surf lesson, came from my buddy Bruce.
  • Backpacking: More the get out in the woods and get dirty type. Though I've done some international travel like this too. In either case, it's a good feeling to walk around with everything you need on your back.
  • Motorcycles in General: My father used to race motocross, thus I received my first motorcycle at age five. My mother, used to drop me off at school on a motorcycle. She gave me my second motorcycle at around age 18 (the same one she used to drop me off with). You could say it runs in the family.