Github Pages With Apex Domain

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www and apex domains pointing to github pages
Saving time and money with GitHub Pages I know that GitHub Pages are nothing new, but I only recently realized how versatile they are. You can host any static content you want there for free, and I’ve recently started using it for my blogs. Major benefits of using GitHub Pages as I see it: Free hosting for simple pages Deployment is as easy as a git push SSL certs are a one time checkbox It handles redirecting to the www subdomain, or to the apex domain without no real configuration My default configuration You just have to set up the DNS.

Saving Time With Tmux

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How I use tmux in my workflow to make my life better.
What is a terminal multiplexer, and why do I care? When you split up a terminal screen into sub-terminals, that’s called terminal multiplexing. This is nothing new, GNU Screen has been around since 1987. Tmux is just screen’s younger, nubile cousin. I’m about to explain how this simple technology can: Keep you organized. Lower the bar to get to work. Save you time. Enable teamwork. Here’s a quick demonstration:

Why Choose Vim

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TLDR Choosing a text editor is a very personal decision. You grow with your editor, as your editor grows with you. As I use my text editor more and more over the years, I’m constantly constantly learning new techniques for working more efficiently. Some of them stick, others are forgotten. I find that sequences and shortcuts that I most use stay. But just as importantly VIM accommodates my changing needs through configuration, plugin, or otherwise.

A Single Singleton in Ruby

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What is a singleton anyway?
The singleton design pattern I’m relatively new the the concept of the singleton, even though I’ve been programming for a number of years. I’ve run into several instances in which I new that this was exactly what I needed, but did not have a name for it. Here, I’m going to try to explain it to myself a year ago. There are a few questions I’ll try to address.

The Mysteries of the Ruby Heredoc

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A few tips on the ruby heredoc.
As of writing this, I’m running Ruby version 2.3.0. Not all of this, particularly the stripped heredoc, is available in plain ruby before 2.3.0. Heredoc Basics So, you need a string that’s longer than a line, and you’re sick of quotes and backslashes? And you might like to retain formatting? You want string interpolation too? Enter, heredoc. Here’s your basic, run of the mill, heredoc. You’ll notice we use the <<- operator, and our safe-word, which we will use to end the heredoc.